French Fashion Sport: The New Lacoste Silhouette

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Lacoste has been crafting silhouettes balancing between fashion sport for 90 years. For spring-summer 2024, Lacoste is adding a very French ambiance to the equation, revealing a whole new look elaborated by Palagia Kolotouros, the brand's Creative Design Director. A new chapter begins...

Inspired by Rene Lacoste, this elegant aesthetic continues to celebrate the crocodile's legendary savoir-faire through new signature silhouettes that blend key pieces with contemporary essentials. This evolution marks a turning point: the style of the crocodile brand remains 'fashion sport' but it is moving towards a more French sophistication.

Suits are revisited in supple, sporty fabrics. Mixed shirts and polo shirts bear the crocodile logo - also seen on knitwear pieces, including cardigans, V-necks, sweaters, polo shirts, tracksuits, varsity jackets: the essentials developed over the last 90 years, and redesigned for today, are combined with new styles.

These symbols of the brand's savoir-faire are a testimony to the meticulous work involved in the materials and cuts.

The colors, worn in monochrome or mixed, are inspired by highly recognizable brand codes. Subtle or bright, they soften or enliven the Lacoste wardrobe.

Layering pieces is essential to creating the French Fashion Sport silhouette, one that is complimented with new accessories.

Discover a contemporary silhouette that embraces this heritage, unveiling French elegance at its best.

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