Making Magic

The secrets of Lacoste’s unique savoir-faire.

The Polo: 4 Steps for 1 Shirt

Before it can add elegance to your style, the Lacoste polo goes through these four stages.

Material Evidence

Petit Pique or diamond weave taffeta? Discover the iconic Lacoste materials.

Troyes, France in three key numbers

160 kilometres, the distance between the French knitwear capital and Paris. It’s not surprising then, that this is where René Lacoste established a manufacturing base to make the first polos.500 people, the number of employees in the Troyes factories. There are various jobs to do, from pattern makers to garment-makers and knitting or dyeing machine operators. Coordinated effort from all of these experts results in your Lacoste polo.40 minutes, the average length of time required by a garment-maker to assemble your polo like a puzzle.

Tracking the Crocodile

Everything you always wanted to know about Lacoste but were afraid to ask.

The latest Lacoste Fashion Show