Lacoste x National Geographic

The exclusive Lacoste and National Geographic collaboration celebrates the beauty of the natural world with prints inspired by the striking colors and patterns of four incredible species.

The collection
Natural allure

Jaguar elegance

With its alluring contrast of dark spots on bright beige, the jaguar's iconic coat sets it apart from all other felines. Seen on a polo or eye-catching accessories, this delicate-yet-powerful print ensures your style gets noticed. Distinguish yourself naturally in the urban jungle with Lacoste's signature silhouettes.

The crocodile and the jaguar

Elegance and endurance for a standout style.

Grévy's zebra individuality

With its graphic coat that exists nowhere else in nature, the Grévy's zebra is recognized immediately— just like the Lacoste crocodile. Even as they blend into a herd of hundreds, these slender zebras stand out in the savannah. Seen on a Lacoste backpack or embellishing the Gagnant sneaker, this print highlights your personality with a subtle touch.

The crocodile and the zebra

Leave a trace in black and white

Poison dart frog agility

Shifting from an electric blue with black spots to repel predators, to a subdued color to blend into its environment, the poison dart frog knows how to adapt to any situation. Agile of body and mind, just like Lacoste, it inspires reversible pieces like this double-sided coat that shifts to match your style in no time.

The crocodile and the frog

A quick-change wardrobe. Get ready for the big leap.

Dragonfly freedom

With its transparent wings and iridescent glow, the dragonfly moves about with total freedom—a pillar in the Lacoste mission since the first polo was created in 1933. With inherent grace, the dragonfly has a majestic effect that, when seen up close, reveals a detailed motif that has been reproduced on this reversible puffer jacket.

The National Geographic Photo Ark

Founder: Joel Sartore

The National Geographic Photo Ark uses the power of photography to inspire people to help save endangered species before it’s too late. Founder and photographer Joel Sartore has taken portraits of over 10,500 species — and counting — in his quest to document the approximately 15,000 species living in the world’s zoos and wildlife sanctuaries.
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The complete Lacoste wardrobe for her

The complete Lacoste wardrobe for him