A Certain Step

New Lacoste Sneakers

Modern triple white, athletic streetwear, innovative running, or retro sportswear-- Which is your Lacoste footprint?

Keep A Step Ahead

Game Advance Luxe Sneakers

The tennis spirit shows in this luxe design: a technical assembly of premium textures in neutral tones on a sculpted and low profile sneaker. The signature green crocodile embroidered onto the profile, of course. A new unisex pair that does the streetwear look, Lacoste-style.

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Score Points

T-Point Sneakers

Here's a perfect match between fashion and performance: a unique silhouette inspired by the 90s tennis aesthetic set on a sole with anchor points designed for grip, absorbing shocks and fluidity of movement. A unisex pair that perfects your daily game style.

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Create A Bounce

Run Spin Sneakers

Running inspiration meets contemporary design: a silhouette that features knitted mesh on a highly cushioning mid-sole. As a bonus, an outer sole that resists abrasion. A unisex pair thought up for lightness, that proves that comfort truly is the key to style.

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Set Your Running Pace

Match Break Sneakers

Modern details paired with a retro running aesthetic on a vintage silhouette with a mix of textures: nappa leather and suede on a two-tone rubber sole. A unisex pair that highlights the elegance of sport dress from the past to reveal timeless style.

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