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Men's LIVE Golden Signature Velvet Sweatpants

Black • 031



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kAYUR p Jan 19, 2020

reviews.rating I recommend this item.

great item fits a little large

Derrick G Jan 2, 2020

reviews.rating I recommend this item.

I love the product quality of the items Lacoste sells and the quickness they ship the product. the only suggestion I would make regarding the design of some of their products is, I think the shirts pants, etc. would be more appealing if "Lacoste did not make the alligator logo the same color of the product." The alligator should be a different color than the product to give it some contrast. People like me that buy Lacoste are proud to display the lil' crocodile but it can't be seen from a distance when the croc is the same color as the shirt...it needs to be made to stand out so it can be recognized or noticed from any distance. I've passed up on some items that I like just because of the fact because there is no contrast between the croc color and the product item. Just my 2 cents...

Jose M Dec 26, 2019

reviews.rating I recommend this item.

Fits big had to downsize a size

Jean C Dec 17, 2019

reviews.rating I recommend this item.

Excellent for my father