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Want to meet an icon? This is ours. Created in 1933, the men's polo shirt blends comfort with style to set the tone of a sporty-chic silhouette. Knitted from Petit Piqué, it’s a classic to display. Crocodile at heart, always.


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Lacoste Men’s Polos: a polo that’s always in style

Whatever the occasion, a classic men’s polo just works. No wardrobe is complete without a few of them.

Relaxed. Easy to style. Effortlessly versatile. Lacoste polos are a staple suitable for all occasions: from a casual lunch, to an office meeting, to a day on the golf course. A tennis polo offers that perfect style for wherever you need to go, while long-sleeve polo styles add even more versatility and possibilities.

Strike that middle ground between sporty and elevated fashion. A polo shirt dresses up any casual look. And we have a wide range of fits to suit your style – be it classic, slim, regular, or our iconic L.12.12 Polo Shirt. Lacoste men’s polo shirts combine classic features like the traditional polo collar and button up neck, and throw in a heritage icon in the form of our signature Lacoste crocodile.

Looking for a sport polo shirt to keep cool while playing tennis or golf? Check out the range of stylish polos that’ll keep things fresh on the court or green.

Did someone say easy-care? Keeping your polo shirt in top shape is a breeze. Plus, with a range of fabrics including cotton petit piqué and linen, our men’s polo shirts are suitable for year-round wear.

Lacoste polo shirts for men are perfect to pair with shorts, chinos or jeans. All you need to do is choose between the wide range of monochrome solids, creative color-blocks, classic stripes, fun polka dots, and many of our other designs. They’re great for stocking up in your closet, and your own individual repertoire of outfits.