Women's Pants and Shorts

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Lacoste women’s pants or shorts: is one pair enough?

When it comes to pants or shorts, you need a pair to suit every occasion.

We all know no woman can have too many clothes in her wardrobe. Whether track pants for sporty days, skinny jeans for day-to-day wear or cotton bermuda shorts for those special occasions, pants and shorts are the essential wardrobe staple for every woman. Team them with a shirt to upgrade your look or go for a casual look with the addition of a soft wool sweater. For relaxed weekends, a pair of loose-fitting culottes work perfectly.

Made from a quality soft cotton fleece that’s guaranteed to keep you warm, wool blend or velvet fabric to add a touch of elegance or cotton to keep your look relaxed, choose from a variety of comfortable materials. Finished with belt hoops, handy pockets, drawstrings or elasticized waists, Lacoste pants are functional and have a perfect fit.

Are you a golf lover? Tee off in a pair of Lacoste golfing pants with embroidered green crocodile.

Take your pick from the vast collection of Lacoste women pants and shorts and build a multi-functional and cosy wardrobe.