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Lacoste men’s pants: want to redefine your wardrobe?

Find a great variety of sports-inspired men’s pants right here.

Explore the Lacoste men’s pants selection and freshen up your look. Whether you’re searching for a refined cut for the office or a more casual feel for when you’re on the golf course, each pair of pants promises true Lacoste quality whilst upholding the versatility we all look for. Crafted in the finest of fabrics – wool, cotton, gaberdine, and cashmere – Lacoste pants present uncompromisable quality. Pair with a wool or cotton sweater for a relaxed feel.

For a laid-back look with a touch of style, Lacoste pants are all about the detail. Button back pockets, elasticized ankles, pleats, side stripes… whatever men’s pants you’re looking for there’s a sleek design for every day of the week. From sweatpants that are smart enough to team with a polo to chinos or jeans that look great with a t-shirt at work, the wardrobe options are endless - there really is no limit.

Are you a tennis fan? Whether you love to play or watch, the elegance of Lacoste men’s pants will complement your Lacoste sneakers.

For the finishing touch, accentuate your pants with a relaxed-look leather belt.